Garage Door Spring Replacement

Springs on the garage are the most important parts on the door. They may wear out after being used for a long time or they may break. A broken spring can prove to be pretty dangerous because as soon as it breaks, it can go flying across your garage, hit someone and badly hurt them.

Seeking Garage Door Spring Replacement

If you encounter problems such as the garage door falling when released or the garage door opening on its own, then your springs need to either be fixed or replaced. If the door falls when released, then it means that the extension springs are worn out. If the door opens on its own, then it means that the extension springs are too strong and should be replaced. Both the extension spring and the torsion spring need to be replaced at the same time. If one of them breaks, the other one will most definitely break or wear out a few days after, so to save on costs and further damage to the door, it is advisable to have them both fixed and replaced.

Spring Replacement Caution

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to repair any spring on your garage door lest you risk hurting yourself badly. These springs are usually under extremely high tension any attempt by an untrained person to fix them may result in fatal outcomes such as accidents, injuries or even death. Garage door spring replacement requires skill and expertise.

Spring Replacement Service

If you feel that your springs need replacement or repair, it is best to call in an experienced professional to assess and repair accordingly. Greensboro Garage Doors assures you of proper fixing and replacement of your springs to ascertain your door is working perfectly fine and that you are safe.